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Mushroom Art by Darin Bavis


Darin Bavis's Bio

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Darin is a self taught artist, who started sketching and painting at a very young age.
He has always been inspired by his surroundings.  He grew up playing in the woods and was always curious about mushrooms.  "I remember scratching my name on a shelf fungi and noticing the dark bruising it left." Darin Says.
Later in life he started drawing very detailed charcoal and ink drawings. One day Darin was looking through a mushroom guide and discovered a photo of a painting on a shelf fungus. 
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It was then that he decided to try drawing with black ink on one and soon found out that this form of artwork could be very interesting.

Darin started drawing on the fungi in 2000 and has never looked back. Since then he has created many pieces and has been working on building many shows.